Our Equipment Includes

Dave’s Construction Service, Inc. has an arsenal of equipment including:

  • Semi Tractors with High Side Demo Trailers and Rock Tubs
  • 10-Wheeler Dump Trucks
  • Water Trucks and Portable Water Towers
  • Excavators and Track-hoes with Hammer/Ripper Attachments
  • Bobcats and Loaders
  • NYE Concrete Pulverizer
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Our Services

Complete residential and commercial building demolition, asphalt and concrete demolition, site cleanups, trash pit screening, site grading, building pad construction and asphalt paving.


Complete Residential and Commercial Demolition.  We can oversee the project from Asbestos Survey, Abatement, Demolition/Dust Control Permitting and NESHAP Notifications. AHERA and OSHA Certified Operators and Workers.  Company owned late model equipment and rolling stock.

Pad Construction

Residential and Commercial Building Pad Construction; Hammering and Hard Rock Excavation;  Rock and Trash Screening, and Mass Grading to prepare site.

Mass & Rough Grading

Clearing of site for mass and rough grading of residential and commercial land.


Paving services to commercial and residential customers and developments.

Hard Rock Excavation

Abnormal soil conditions (crushed stone, rock, clay soil, buried cement, trees and trash) that require more specialized excavating.

Construction Projects

Dave’s Construction Service has successfully completed projects from the smallest residential house demo and site work to complete housing developments, commercial site work and demolitions, as well as civil projects for the city, state and federal agencies.

Completed projects:

  • Loop 202 South Mountain
  • Val Vista Dairy
  • Maricopa County Procurement Warehouse


  • Cullum Homes
  • Fulton Homes
  • Morgan Taylor
  • ADOT
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