1400 N. Gilbert Rd. Suite C
Gilbert, AZ 85234
ROC#110491 Residential #129465 Commercial
Phone 480-654-5571 Fax 480-654-5567

What we do

The services we offer consist of Site Demolition, Dust Control, Excavation/Grading (We specialize in Hard Rock Digs), House Pads, Clean up, Screening and Crushing, Fire Insurance/Arson Investigative work and Transporting Heavy Equipment. We have successfully completed projects from the smallest residential house pad to complete housing developments; commercial site work and demolitions; street and parking lot paving projects for commercial, city, state, and federal agencies.

Dave’s Construction Service, Inc. has an arsenal of equipment including:

Late Model Semi Tractors with High Side Demo Trailers and Rock Tubs
10-Wheeler Dump Trucks
Water Trucks and Portable Water Towers
Excavators and Track-hoes with Hammer/Ripper Attachments
Bobcats and Loaders


Some of the Specialized Equipment consists of:

 Norberg 20K Track ST352 Power Screen
Norberg CV100 Portable Screen
NYE Concrete Pulverizer